Rafael Dos Anjos Calls Out Dillon Danis For A Cage Fight Worth $200k

Image Source: Rafael dos Anjos/ Dillon Danis via Instagram

Dillon Danis is among the more controversial athletes in jiu-jitsu, and his out-of-the-cage brawl with Khabib Nurmagomedov at last Saturday’s UFC event has put his name back in people’s conversations and smack-talk. But before all of that had happened, Danis had made an offer to UFC fighter Kevin Lee after Lee had questioned Danis’ grappling skills: each athlete would put in $100k, and whoever won with a submission would take home $200k.

That match may or may not happen, but back-and-forth insults on social media between Rafael dos Anjos and Danis has led to dos Anjos making the same offer to Danis. The lead-up seems straightforward: dos Anjos insulted Danis, Danis called dos Anjos a few names, and dos Anjos made Danis an offer worth a total of $200k.

Who knows if this match will actually happen, but it’ll be interesting to see what will happen if Danis accepts the offer.


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