Renzo Gracie Jersey City Welcomes Detroit Urban Survival Training Into Class


Despite his historic feud with the Jiu-Jitsu and MMA community, Detroit Urban Survival Training’s Dale Moss has taken up class at Renzo Gracie Jersey City, and even shared a bit of his own instructions.

RGJC posted a group photo to instagram, with professor Mouad “Marroquino” Lahlou and the rest of class with the caption “Jersey City just got a little safer!”


Moss also made a post on Instagram, thanking RGJC for their hospitality and showing some of the techniques that he brought into class with him,

Moss was sporting a gi with a blue belt, along with his signature D.U.S.T. nametag and earpiece.

Professor Marroquino has developed a friendship with Moss, and even was visiting the Detroit location in the last weeks. His Instagram page shows some highlights from Moss’ class.


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