Rickson Gracie Is Not A Fan Of Sports Jiu-Jitsu Rules

Rickson Gracie — son of BJJ founder Helio Gracie and father Kron Gracie — is not a fan of sports jiu-jitsu.

One of his biggest complaints against sports BJJ is the frequent stalling:

“…the tournaments today, the rules there allow for so much stalling, so much grips, so much details which you have to,” Kron told Matt Thorton on the SBG video podcast. “For example my son Kron he said: “Dad, I don’t want to compete in official tournaments any more. I cannot stand the rules. The guys don’t want to fight me they want to stall, they want to hold and I have to spend my time trying to free myself instead fighting. So I’d like to fight no rules, I like to fight submissions only, but I don’t like to fight sport jiu-jitsu competitions because it’s just like.. “

You can watch the entire interview with Rickson Gracie below:



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