Road To ADCC: Roberto Jimenez Submits Kade Ruotolo In Fast-Paced Match

The Road to ADCC kicked off with a match between Roberto Jimenez and Kade Ruotolo, the latter of whom stepped in on last-minute notice after Jimenez’s original opponent, Andrew Wiltse, had to pull out due to health problems.

The competitors started things off wrestling on their feet, with Jimenez in particular being aggressive with takedown attempts. It was ultimately Ruotolo, however, who successfully landed a double-leg takedown about a minute and a half in. As Jimenez moved to get back to his feet, Ruotolo rushed over his back and sunk in a belly-down armbar. For a moment, it looked like the match would end there, but Jimenez managed to escape and immediately passed Ruotolo’s guard to side control. They didn’t stay there for long, though, and Ruotolo got his legs around his opponent and swept him to mount. Jimenez escaped from the bottom and nearly took Ruotolo’s back in the process, but Ruotolo evaded immediate danger and was able to get to his feet to work on passing Jimenez’s guard.

Jimenez briefly went for a leg attack at about three minutes in, but Ruotolo quickly escaped the position and returned to his feet to pass guard again. Another leg lock attempt from Jimenez, and then Ruotolo resumed trying to pass his guard once he was out of danger. At five minutes in, Ruotolo briefly managed to pass to side control before Jimenez was able to create space and reverse the position. After some effort, Jimenez successfully worked his way to north-south and attempted either an armbar or a triangle, but neither was successful, and Ruotolo got the top position back from inside Jimenez’s guard. Again, the position reversed, and Jimenez regained north-south, going back to the position again after a brief scramble.

The clock passed the ten-minute mark, after which points became applicable. Another thirty seconds, and Jimenez took Ruotolo’s back and locked in a body triangle. Though Ruotolo tried his best to escape, Jimenez was able to get his arm under the chin and finish the choke just over twelve minutes after the match began.

Roberto Jimenez was declared the winner by submission.


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