Roberto Jimenez Defeats Tye Ruotolo In 1st Round Of 3rd Coast Grappling: Kumite III

One of the most anticipated first-round matches of 3rd Coast Grappling: Kumite III has concluded, with young grappling stars Roberto Jimenez and Tye Ruotolo facing off to see who would move on to the semifinals.

The two started aggressive on their feet, and though Jimenez tried to start the action with a flying attack on Ruotolo, though Ruotolo was able to bat it off. After a quick scramble on the feet, Jimenez hurried to Ruotolo’s back and was nearly able to take it, but the two were reset after tumbling out of bounds. After the two were reset from standing with Jimenez on the back, Ruotolo inverted and tried to secure a heel, nearly succeeding, but Jimenez defended with great top pressure. Ruotolo then threw on a tight toehold, but Jimenez still pushed forward to defend against the pressure. The two found their way back to their feet, and Jimenez again scrambled to Ruotolo’s back, but was unable to capitalize on it. Ruotolo once again tried to end the match with a heel hook, and Jimenez once again defended. The two ended the regulation period on their feet.

In overtime, Jimenez started with Ruotolo in his closed guard, then posted up and began to work to get to the back. Jimenez secured his position on his opponent with a triangle from the back, searching for an opportunity to unlock the triangle and get his hooks in. Though Ruotolo was able to defend for a time and try to flatten himself out, Jimenez ultimately got the points and was declared the winner.


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