Round 2 Of Onnit Invitational Sees Devastating Toe Holds From Jon Calestine & Ethan Crelinsten

The second round of the Onnit Invitational was submission-heavy in the tournament divisions. The superfight rounds were each very close, with all four fighters showing excellent defensive skills and forcing their matches into overtime.

The third and final round of the Onnit is guaranteed to be on fire, so make sure you’re watching!

Superfights Round 2

Thiago Macedo defeats Chris Westfall in round one of overtime.

Dave Rickels defeats Mike Torres in round one of overtime.

205-lb Tournament Round 2

Patrick Miller defeats Ty Orgeron with a kimura.

Kyle Boehm defeats Tommy McCay with a heel hook

135-lb Tournament Round 2

Ethan Crelinsten defeats John Torres with a toe hold.

Jon Calestine defeats Ricky Lule with a toe hold


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