Secretly Become A Side-Control Escaping Ninja… Even When There’s No One Else Around

You know that pivotal moment in jiu-jitsu when some heavy upper belt squishes you in side control for the entire round while the entire gym points and laughs at you like supervillains as the world around you fades to black?

We’ve all been there, right?

Ok, so maybe getting stuck in side control just feels that miserable, but either way, all it takes is one particularly awful round of being squished to make you think, “I want to be so good at escaping this that no one can ever do that to me again.” Thanks to Sam Byrne of Movement for BJJ, you can practice your side control escapes into the early hours of the morning if you so desire, even if your teammates are nowhere to be seen. Check out his latest solo drill clip to learn how you can practice side control escapes using nothing but yourself and a wall!


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