A Smart Student Asks Questions!

After the technique portion of bjj and before the start of rolling, one student approached me with a question.

I had demonstrated a guard pass the previous class, but when he tried it in rolling, it was unsuccessful!

“That guard pass didn’t work when my opponent did this!?!?”

I love when students do this!

It shows when students are:
1) paying attention in class
2) actually trying the techniques
3) analyzing and looking for feedback why the move didn’t work at first *

* Most of your techniques will not be effective at first against a fully resisting opponent.
Drilling the move and experimenting are necessary before the move becomes a part of your arsenal.

Many students short themselves when they approach learning bjj with a passive mindset.
Only learning what the instructor shows them directly instead of doing their own experimentation and troubleshooting.

I asked the student to demonstrate what exactly had happened in the match.
After he showed the scenario, I explained how he should have reacted and USED HIS OPPONENT’S reaction to assist his pass.

Double Under Guard Pass

We got down on the mat and I tried to pass his guard.
He tried to resist my pass several times and became satisfied that if he made an adjustment, that the pass could work for him.

This student took the technique I showed and tried it.
He initially experienced some difficulties in getting it to work.
And most importantly, came back to ask WHY it didn’t work and learned the adjustments he needed to make.

Smart students ask questions!

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