The Stealthy Submission: Inverted Triangle

The Inverted Triangle, or Reverse Triangle as it is commonly known, is a stealthy technique that many do not see coming until it is too late. This particular submission hold can be deployed from a plethora of unconventional positions; such as from a sprawl or from the bottom of side control.

What is it about the Inverted Triangle that makes it such an effective move? Is it the funky angles from which the technique can be applied? Perhaps the move is not drilled regularly in a lot of programs therefore counters to the Inverted Triangle go by the wayside? This unsuspecting submission hold has not only been effective on the BJJ circuits, but also in the world of Mixed Martial Arts. If you have never seen this move then it might be wise to get familiar with such a sleeper technique.

Watch Braulio Estima catch André Galvao slipping with the Inverted Triangle in their 2009 ADCC match:

Here is Braulio Estima’s breakdown of how he pulled off the slick submission over Galvao:

The Bellator MMA brand has now had the distinct pleasure of witnessing 3 Inverted Triangles executed under the promotion’s banner.

Check out this come from behind victory as Toby Imada choked Jorge Masvidal unconscious in the third round of their bout at Bellator Fighting Championships 5. Notice the creative way in which Imada deployed the Inverted Triangle from sprawling on a Masvidal takedown.

At Bellator Fighting Championships 38, Rich Hale utilized the Inverted Triangle to turn off the lights of Nik Fekete. Watch how Hale used the technique to improve his position from the bottom of side control. Peep the adjustment that was made as Fekete stood up, and how Hale proceeded to grab Fekete’s leg to ensure a safe journey to the canvas.

Before current Bellator light heavyweight champion Liam McGeary’s shot at the title, he had to get through dangerous All American wrestler Kelly Anundson. McGeary spent the majority of the match on the bottom of Anundson’s side control until he executed an Inverted Triangle with under 15 seconds remaining in the round. Notice how Anundson assumed that he was in a safe side control position, secure from all submissions. Notice how he was wrong.

Check out how current UFC middleweight champion Luke Rockhold utilized the Inverted Triangle to attack the arm of Tim Boetsch at UFC 172.

Here is Luke Rockhold demonstrating his ‘specialty’ technique:

Click HERE for another sweet UFC Inverted Triangle to Kimora from Cole Miller.

The Inverted Triangle is a clever tool with many different applications. Not only is it a stealthy finishing choke, but it can also be used to set up a variety of transitions and various arm lock submissions. Get familiar with the Inverted Triangle before it happens you!

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