Submission Underground 17 Full Results: Mason Fowler Submits Craig Jones

Aaron Tiegs Submits Nicholas MaximovBow And Arrow Choke (OT)
Justin Renick defeats Don StonerFastest Escape (RD 3 OT)
Frank Rosenthal Submits Phil Schwartz Armbar (1:28 Seconds Regulation Time)
Pierre Olivier Leclerc Submits Sid SkrobRNC (RD 1 OT)
Ethan Crelinsten Submits Pj BarchRNC (RD 2 OT)
Roberto Jiminez Submits Jesse TaylorArmbar (1:41 Seconds Regulation Time)
Richie Martinez Submits Ben EgliArmbar (RD 1 OT)
Amanda Loewen Submits Gillian RobertsonArmbar (RD 1 OT)
Mason Fowler Submits Craig Jones 2nd Overtime

Submission Underground 17 saw Mason Fowler defend his championship belt against Craig Jones following a controversial end at SUG 16.

Jones started the match by pulling guard and worked into a DLR as Fowler pushed forward. Jones worked his way to his feet and worked from top for a few moments before the position was reversed once again. Jones continued to work to get underneath Fowler and try to capture a leg. Jones was nearly able to straighten out a leg for a kneebar, but Fowler was able to defend and disentangle. Jones remained adamant about playing guard, and Fowler was forced to keep trying to pass his guard. In the final minute of regulation, the competitors got to their feet and then later resumed playing guard until regulation ran out.

Overtime began with Jones on Fowler’s back, securing him in a body triangle as Fowler tried to get his hips free, eventually succeeding with 45 seconds left in the first round of OT.

Fowler started the second round of overtime on Jones’ back, crossing his feet and then uncrossing them to follow Jones as he rolled belly-down for a moment. Fowler then secured the body triangle, and Jones escaped with about 32 seconds to go.

Fowler quickly escaped Jones’ second back take in OT, clasping his hands and creating pressure beneath Jones’ chin and pushing his hips forward until Jones tapped.


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