The Importance of Creativity in Jiu Jitsu

During training other day, we were drilling sweeps from butterfly guard. One of the guys in the class asked if he could do the technique a little bit differently. The instructor proceeded to tell him that, while he could modify the technique, this way was a lot better and it was “the way Andre Galvao does it.” This got me thinking about the importance of creativity in Jiu Jitsu. Of course there are wrong ways to do techniques, but there is more than one way to get a sweep or submission.

Not everyone has the same body type, or mind set. Forcing someone to use a certain style of Jiu Jitsu can take away from their experience. Being creative in Jiu Jitsu can also spill over into everyday life. Mixing it up on the mats can give you a different mindset when facing problems in the real world. I also think it’s extremely important to express yourself while rolling.

No one’s style will be exactly the same as yours, which is one of the things that makes Jiu Jitsu so great. It’s always important to have good fundamentals, but trying new techniques while rolling is something I think everyone should do. It not only helps your game on the mat, but can help you in real life as well!

Photo by: BJJpix


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