The Korean Zombie Defeats Frankie Edgar in First Round TKO

Chan Sung Jung, better known to fight fans as The Korean Zombie, emerged victorious from his UFC Busan Fight Night against former lightweight champion Frankie Edgar in South Korea. The ref stopped the fight in the first round following a barrage of strikes for which “The Answer” had no reply.

With an early left hook Jung knocked Edgar to the mats, moving into a ground and pound that probably would have KOed anyone else in the division:

Edgar, being Edgar, managed to escape the onslaught, but after a couple of minutes out of danger found himself back on the ground being battered. The stoppage came before the first round of the five round headlining match was over, to the raucous cheers of a definitively pro-KZ crowd:

KZ’s been performing especially well since his return from mandatory military service in 2017. With this win, he moves into the “Top Finishers” list for UFC featherweights, behind Max Holloway, Ricardo Lamas, and tied with Conor McGregor, Chad Mendes, Brian Ortega, and Charles Oliveira.


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