UFC Fighter & Marine Veteran Liz Carmouche Has Received Her BJJ Black Belt

UFC flyweight competitor Liz Carmouche received her black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu yesterday.

Carmouche, who trains under the 10th Planet system, is often considered a pioneer in modern women’s MMA — she was a part of the first ever female UFC fight, in which she faced Ronda Rousey. Before her UFC career, she also fought for Strikeforce and Invicta. She was also the first openly gay female UFC fighter.

Carmouche’s MMA career came after five years of service as an aviation electrician in the United States Marines, during which she toured the Middle East three times.

In addition to her MMA fights, Carmouche also competes in BJJ. She was a part of the 10th Planet team at Subversiv earlier this year, and in November, she hit the Fight 2 Win stage in San Diego.


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