Vagner Rocha Fires Back At AJ Agazarm

Yesterday, Pan-Am Champion AJ Agazarm took a shot at former UFC contender Vagner Rocha in an Instagram post. Referring to himself as “the 2nd Shakespeare” and using what could either be described as rap or slam poetry, AJ threatened he would choke Vagner until he drooled.

Not to be outdone, Rocha took to Facebook and threw down some rhymes of his own at Agazarm:

I read your post
Shakespeare for a day?
How many times I gotta flush before you go away?If your jits was maybe half
as good as your rhymes
I wouldn’t be sitting on your head for over 7 thousand times
Your wrestling’s worthless
Your rhymes are feeble
So damn ugly that you scare **it INTO peopleYeah we’re in your home town
Guess you just got lucky
just like that pet sheep you kept in KentuckyImpossibly ugly
you trick or treat by phone
Did your parents ever beg you to run away from home?You shoulda stayed quiet
for this next competition
I got lighter fluid and a match for your pathetic little kitchenAnd don’t forget my Brazilian words
That I’ll spit while you’re fetal
“‘Valeu anão” Thanks much for the sequel


I read your postShakespeare for a day?How many times I gotta flush before you go away?If your jits was maybe halfas…

Posted by Vagner Rocha on Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Vagner Rocha and AJ Agazarm will face off at Fight to Win Pro 14 in a 10-minute, submission-only gi match.

Fans who cannot make it to Tampa, Florida, can watch all of the action live through FloGrappling.



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