Vinny Magalhaes Says He Has “Zero Training Relationship” With Whitemire

Following her victory at UFC 226, Emily Whitmire had some choice words for teammate, Vinny Magalhaes. Calling him a “piece of sh*t”, she explained that he had promised he wouldn’t corner against her; then she saw him “getting out of the bus” with no explanation.

Magalhaes is finally speaking out about the exchange in an interview with MMA Fighting.

This woman got angry because i train at xtreme and was in jamie’s corner, but jamie is my student and my purple belt, and i don’t even see this girl training at xtreme. I have zero training relationship with her. i even told one of her coaches that i would be in jamie’s corner. he didn’t deliver the message, it’s not my fault.

While there was clearly a breakdown in communication somewhere, Magalhaes doesn’t have any hard feelings after Whitemire’s explosion. When asked if he’s upset now, he answered, “Not at all because in a way I understand her side, but the fact that she trains at the same place I train doesn’t make us training partners. I don’t even know what she does, what her background is, I know nothing. I was there for Jamie.”


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