What Happens When Karate Meets Jiu-Jitsu


  1. juji gatame de órdago, aunque tardaste más de la cuenta en controlarlo, jeeje. pero no era fácil, tenías un gran rival enfrente al que supiste sorprender desde el primer instante. Eximio luchador es aquel que es capaz de realizar acciones que otros desconocen, una partida de ajedrez de la que saliste airoso. Felicidades!

  2. They always pick the sorriest Karate guys for videos like this…he wasn't even ready for the shoot…the guys that I trained with would have kicked the guy in the face with a front snap kick straight away…..

  3. John Barrera SO TRUE. Recently i got hit by a knee beneath my left eye while attempting. Do you kinow what happened? I completed the takedown, took sidecontrol, got into mount and starting pounding him till he tapped. I only saw the huge hematoma unde my eye after i stopped. Why do you think MMA guys don`t stop takedowns with frontal kicks.

  4. I think one major point us often missed in these comparisons. Put the bjj guy against two untrained opponents and he will be hopeless. Someone trained in karate will have been trained to deal with multiple opponents

  5. semantics. its art vs art in one on one forum. there are no arts truly effective against more than one opponent. anything can happen any given time training or not. jiu jits works and thats all this is saying.


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