Who Will Win The FloGrappling WNO Championships 155 Pound Bracket?

On Saturday, September 26th, at the WNO Championships, FloGrappling will gather the best lightweights and featherweights to duel for the 155 title! 

This is a stacked bracket with six of the eight competitors ranked in the top-10 of their respective weight categories. 

Honestly, it’s hard to say who is going to go all the way.

Some favorites to win the tournament are Mikey Musumeci, aka the Golden Boy, Kade Ruotolo, and Joshua Cisnero, the No.3 ranked featherweight.

Perhaps, we will even see a few dark horses stir up trouble: Damien Anderson, Diego “Pato” Oliveira, or the young Cole Abate. 

The lightweight division is arguably the most competitive bracket in this WNO tournament, loaded with some of the best talents in the world; you don’t want to miss out.

Let’s dive deeper. 

Mikey Musumeci Vs. Kade Ruotolo

Right now, Mikey Musumeci and Kade Ruotolo are the two favorites going into this tournament. 

Both men are world-class tacticians with different skillsets, Mikey favors his guard game, and Kade prefers his wrestling, passing, and relentless top pressure. 

I’d also like to mention, both athletes have been tearing through the competition scene— it’s about time they face each other. 

And statistically, I don’t see the other competitors being able to defeat these two monsters. 

But you could argue the talented Sousa or tenacious Cisneros may beat Mikey and Kade. 

That said, these two men (and the other competitors) 

have never faced a Mikey Musumeci or a Kade Ruotolo before. 

But ultimately, Jiu-Jitsu is a combat art where anything can happen, I could be wrong! 

In terms of other competitors, we have Damien Anderson, the #7 ranked featherweight who submitted Gabriel Cisneros at the Emerald City Invitational. 

He poses a threat but statistically, he may lack the

experience to inflict much damage in this tournament because this is only his 2nd elite-level tournament with the world’s best. 

But I don’t count him out because he’s a dark horse from that “magical” death squad formerly known as DDS. 

Then we have Geo Martinez, a “10th Planet “freak” who wants to “spank” some of these younger competitors for stepping out of line. 

He’s going to do some damage because he’s an ADCC veteran who’s been around the circuit many times, but he won’t win.

I don’t think Geo Martinez will be able to keep with Kade Ruotolo, Joshua Cisneros— let alone, Musumeci who he previously lost against. 

And finally, we have Cole Abate, the 16-year-old teenager training out of the Mendes Brother’s gym. I’m excited about him!

I don’t think Cole poses as much a threat as more seasoned competitors but he’s young, spry, and highly talented. 

If the older competitors don’t take this kid seriously, they will be choked out. You can’t sleep on the younger generations!  

Ultimately, the FloGrappling’s WNO Championships hosts a diverse set of grapplers with opposing skills that favor different rulesets. 

But I predict the final matchup of the 155 WNO Championships will be Mikey Musumeci Vs. Kade Ruotolo.

We will see these two future ADCC medalists go head to head. 

I forecast there will be many submission attempts during regulation, a fast-paced match with Kade pouring on the pressure from the top and Mikey strategically entering Ruotolo’s legs and creating openings to take his back. 

And then we will see these two competitors duke it out in OT. 

If this happens, Mikey will be victorious… But perhaps I’m wrong again, Ruotolo may tire out the golden boy and pass his guard, securing two points for the victory. 

These are my predictions. What are yours?

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