Why Your Sweeps Aren’t Working & How To Fix Them

Pulling guard and realizing you can’t sweep the person who’s now between your legs isn’t the worst feeling in the world, but it’s up there. Sweeps are arguably some of the toughest techniques in BJJ, especially when you’re dealing with someone who’s heavier than you or simply knows how to maintain their balance and posture.

Before you give up forever and accept life on the bottom, check out this video from BJJ black belt Eli Knight. In this clip, Knight gets back to the basics of sweeps in jiu-jitsu, explaining the mechanics and some common challenges that students face when trying to sweep their opponents.

Whether you a struggle sweeper or just want to understand sweeps a bit better after years of doing them, check out the video below and get ready to wipe (or sweep?) the mats with your opponents.


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