Mikey Musumeci has been promoted to a 3rd-degree black belt by Cobrinha.

Mikey Musumeci, a celebrated figure in the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), reached a significant milestone as he was awarded his third-degree black belt by Cobrinha Charles. Sharing his excitement on social media, Musumeci exclaimed, “I AM NOW THIRD DEGREE BLACK BELTCH!!”

The achievement came as Musumeci received his second and third degree stripes on his black belt from Professor Cobrinha Charles. Reflecting on his journey, Musumeci expressed gratitude for the 23 years he has dedicated to training in jiu-jitsu. Having attained his black belt at the age of 18, he has now spent nearly a decade refining his skills and overcoming various challenges in the sport.

In a heartfelt message, Musumeci thanked Cobrinha Charles and everyone who has supported him throughout his BJJ journey. He emphasized the profound impact that jiu-jitsu has had on his life, noting that it will always remain a significant part of his identity. Despite the ups and downs he has experienced, Musumeci remains committed to continuous learning and growth in the martial art.

As Musumeci celebrates this milestone, he recognizes the collective effort of those who have been part of his journey. He acknowledges the importance of community and support in achieving personal goals and expresses gratitude to all who have contributed to his success.


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