Gordon Ryan Withdraws from Tezos WNO 21 Main Event Due to Training Injury

In an unexpected turn of events, the highly anticipated main event of Tezos WNO 21 has hit a roadblock as grappling sensation Gordon Ryan has been forced to withdraw from his scheduled bout against Lucas “Hulk.” The disappointing news comes in the wake of a training injury that has left the grappling community in suspense and fans eagerly awaiting updates on Ryan’s recovery.

The Build-Up:

Tezos WNO 21 was poised to showcase a clash of titans, with Gordon Ryan and Lucas “Hulk” set to headline the event on Thursday, November 30. Fans had been eagerly anticipating this high-stakes matchup, with both athletes boasting stellar records and a reputation for delivering thrilling performances.

The Unfortunate Injury:

Regrettably, Gordon Ryan sustained an injury during his training regimen, preventing him from stepping into the cage for the much-anticipated face-off.

Gordon Ryan’s Statement:

In a statement released by Ryan and his team, the grappling prodigy expressed his disappointment over the situation and apologized to the fans eagerly awaiting the showdown.

Promoter’s Perspective:

Tezos WNO event organizers also weighed in on the unfortunate development, expressing their support for Gordon Ryan’s recovery while acknowledging the disappointment felt by fans. Plans for the future, including a potential rescheduling of the bout or a replacement main event, are currently under consideration.

Fans’ Reaction:

The news of Gordon Ryan’s withdrawal has sparked a wave of reactions from disappointed fans across social media platforms. Many have expressed their well wishes for Ryan’s speedy recovery, while others eagerly await updates on the future of the Tezos WNO 21 main event.


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