Bryce Mitchell: UFC Contender’s Simple Life Takes a Turn as Fatherhood Beckons

In a sport dominated by glamour and flashy lifestyles, UFC featherweight contender Bryce Mitchell stands out for leading a life marked by simplicity and resilience. Far from the glittering UFC spotlight, Mitchell’s home is a modest trailer nestled on rural land, where he dedicates himself to raising livestock and cultivating his own food.

In a recent conversation with Michael Bisping, Mitchell opened up about the challenges he faces in his unconventional lifestyle. One striking example was a severe blizzard that rendered his septic tank useless, forcing him to adapt in primal ways. Mitchell vividly described having to go to the bathroom outside in the snow, a testament to his unwavering determination to thrive in adverse conditions. He shared insights into his daily routine, which involves utilizing a wood stove to cook beans and rice, emphasizing his self-reliance and ability to find joy even in challenging circumstances.

Despite the simplicity of his current living situation, Mitchell is on the brink of significant change with the impending arrival of his first child. Recognizing the need for more space, Mitchell expressed his plans to transition from his small trailer to a newly built house for his growing family.

“I gotta go right back into construction because I’m having my first kid in 4 months. And I’m building a house for that kid and my wife and me because we don’t have enough room in the trailer that I live in,” Mitchell shared.

This transition from a humble trailer to a new home underscores Mitchell’s commitment to providing a comfortable and secure environment for his expanding family. The UFC fighter’s journey is a testament to his resilience, adaptability, and dedication not only inside the octagon but also in the challenges life presents outside of it.

As Bryce Mitchell’s life takes a new turn with fatherhood on the horizon, fans can expect to witness not only his prowess in the UFC but also his journey as a devoted family man. Mitchell’s story serves as an inspiration, showcasing that strength and determination can come from the most unexpected places, even within the confines of a small trailer in rural America.


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