Reader Question: “How To Train BJJ When You Have A Job That Is Labor Intensive”

“Would you consider writing an article / post about how to train BJJ when you have a job that is labor intensive throughout the day ( Landscaping, construction Etc). Possibly covering how to avoid job threatening injuries during practice. I work in south Florida and own/operate a pest control company the summer months are brutal and training at night is an act of pure will power and pressure from my friends that I work and train with.  Always just a topic I thought my be worth considering. I enjoy Jiu-Jitsu Times greatly.

I have a lot of respect for guys who have demanding physical work and still show up to train BJJ after work. It is difficult enough to get to class sometimes, let alone being already tired from a day of hard labor.

Perhaps you said it best when you described it as an “act of will power”. I recall reading in the bodybuilding magazines that some young guys would work on the construction job site all day, get something to eat, and then head to the gym to undergo brutal weight workouts! I think that a great sense of purpose possessed them and they somehow found a way. I don’t know how they did it!

I would recommend adjusting your training and expectations. You simply won’t be able to train in the same manner as a young guy who has tons of time and energy to do extra conditioning on the side.

Some days you may have to show up to the academy and just drill. It is better to show up, see the techniques, and do some lighter drilling than skip the class altogether because you don’t have the energy to roll for four rounds.

Your nutrition is also important. I have seen guys on job sites with a bag of potato chips and a bottle of Coca-Cola for their lunch. That isn’t going to cut it when you are demanding so much from your body. You are going to have to prepare some healthy meals and bring them along with you at work or else you will be tempted to “just grab some McDonalds” because it is convenient.

The BIG asset you have is your will power.

BJJ is not a sprint it is a marathon. If you apply your effort over a longer period of time, you will come out better in BJJ than a guy who trained every day for three months and then quit. Consistent effort over a longer period of time.

Here are two motivational quotes for you that are excerpted from an interview that I did with the BJJ Brick podcast. Maybe they will help you to get to class on some of those tougher days.

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