Viral Video Shows College Football Player Being Beaten, Placed In Rear Naked Choke In Bathroom Fight

Oklahoma University student and football player Spencer Jones is reportedly recovering following a violent turn of events that took place inside a bathroom bar late at night between February 13 and 14, according to the OU Daily.

A viral video that appeared on Twitter on February 19 shows Jones and another man in a verbal argument with two other men inside the bathroom. The situation then escalates after the man standing next to Jones shoves one of the other two men, who retaliates by punching Jones and taking him to the ground. He continues beating Jones before taking his back and putting him in a rear naked choke.

The man who shoved him then gets taken down and punched repeatedly by the other man, who is wearing a beanie in the video.

The OU Daily states that Jones later underwent a four-hour outpatient surgery to rebuild his left orbital socket. Jones’ attorney told the outlet, “He was trying to de-escalate that situation. But unfortunately, it wasn’t de-escalated despite his best efforts, and he became the victim of this vicious assault you’ve seen.”

A Twitter user who goes by Braden Brown responded to the video and claimed that he was the man in the beanie and his brother is the man involved in the fight with Jones. He says that both of them have experience in wrestling and MMA, and he has retweeted a GoFundMe started by a Walker Brown, who claims to be the man involved in the altercation with the football player.

The GoFundMe states the following:

“Hi everyone. I am the guy in the bathroom fight video. I have laughed with the funny comments about my cowboy boots and cauliflower ear. I have not commented because there is an on-going investigation. I have been advised to get an attorney. I am also facing a surgery from an injury I received while defending myself and will be looking at some unplanned medical bills and time off of work recovering from the surgery. I am a full-time student who works two jobs.”

MMA Fighting states that they obtained a police report from the incident, which states that everyone involved in the altercation has been identified and two counts of assault and battery are currently being investigated. No arrests have been made at this time.


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