12 Hour Roll-A-Thon To Benefit Australia Brush Fire Relife

For the past week, massive wildfires have claimed thousands of acres of land and displaced an equal number of people and animals throughout Australia. To help combat this disaster, Unity black belt and Aussie native Levi Jones-Leary announced a 12-hour roll-a-thon to benefit the NSW Rural Fire Service.

Working with fellow Aussie black belt Kaine Wiken, the pair will be hosting an open sparing session from 8 A.M to 8 P.M in January 11 in Sydney. All donations will go to the RFS and one lucky participant will win a new Gi and sunglasses or “sunnies” as the kangaroo people like to say.

No mater how long you stay in this community, the amount of people who come together to do good is always shocking. And this horrible situation has the whole world worried. As of January 2, the total mileage of burnt earth in Australia is greater than the surface area of Denmark and The Netherlands combined. 20 people have already died, and that number will only increase without action.

If you can’t attend the roll but would still like to help, you can donate to the RSF directly here.

Fires suck, let’s help choke them out.


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