13-Year-Old Future Cage Fighter Vows Revenge On Bullies, But Kills Himself

Photo/Facebook: Elton Harland

A 13-year-old future cage fighter vowed revenge on the bullies whom he believed caused another student to kill himself. Instead, he took his own life.

Elton Harland, 13, was described as a “dedicated” martial artist who wanted to be a cage fighter.

Elton was “devastated” when 15-year-old Harry Gray hanged himself after a boy threatened to have him stabbed. Shortly after, Elton sent a message to his grandmother saying he and his friends were going to find the bully who did this to him.

It is therefore a mystery as to why Elton ended up hanging himself rather than trying to hand down justice on the boy who he believed was responsible for the death of the kid who killed himself.

The coroner said the question of intent for the suicide was unclear.


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