1st Female Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Yvone Duarte Becomes 1st Female BJJ Coral Belt

Yvone Duarte has made history by becoming the first-ever female BJJ coral belt recognized by the CBJJF.

Duarte, who became the first known female BJJ black belt in October 1990, shared the news on social media yesterday:

“The day has arrived: Jiu-jitsu has a female CORAL belt! This milestone will always belong to all women in jiu-jitsu. It is a plural achievement, essential for all of us who are dedicated to the gentle art.
I didn’t arrive alone, we arrived together! When one of us opens the window, we can all glimpse tomorrow!
I’ll let you know about the ceremony soon.
Osssssss! 👉🥋”

The coral belt marks the seventh stripe on Duarte’s black belt. She and Patricia Lage both earned the sixth stripe on their belts last year, becoming the highest-ranked women in Brazilian jiu-jitsu in doing so.



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