2 Time ADCC Champion JT Torres Announces Engagement To Iolanda Scotto

Photo/facebook: Jt Torres

Despite being such a violent, ruthless hobby, BJJ can produce some lovely moments for all to enjoy.

2 Time ADCC champion and ATOS staple JT Torres proposed to longtime partner Iolanda Scotto this past Sunday, and she said yes! Revealing the news in a Facebook post earlier tonight, the two lovebirds were pictured in the gi post-practice showing off Scotto’s new bling.

Now despite what you think, JT did not in fact propose on the mats (though he wouldn’t be the first). A separate post from Scotto shows the proposal at a dock during a beautiful sunset.

Now before we let the love in the air cloud our judgment, we should prepare for the absolute smack down their future children will unleash at ADCC 2040.


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