3 BJJ Globetrotters Camps Have Been Postponed Due To Coronavirus

Photo/Facebook: Christian Graugart

The BJJ Globetrotters are the latest jiu-jitsu organization to postpone events due to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

Globetrotters founder Christian Graugart shared a post this morning revealing that the camps scheduled for Italy, Estonia, and Arizona have all been postponed to take place later this year. Thankfully, the postponement is not indefinite, and new dates have already been penciled in as alternatives.

In the statement, Graugart shared his disappointment and acknowledged that this was the first time that the Globetrotters organization has had to reschedule, cancel, or modify an event.

The rescheduled dates are as follows:

  • Fall Camp Estonia (formerly Spring Camp Estonia) – October 5-11
  • Castle Camp Italy – October 19-23
  • Arizona Camp – December 9-13

Graugart outlined the options for prospective attendees who had already signed up and paid for registration for an event:

“You can choose between using your current ticket as credit towards any of our upcoming camps (up until Winter Camp 2021) or get a refund. There is no rush to decide, please just let us know before the end of May, giving you more than 2.5 months to plan and figure out what you prefer. Keeping your ticket for another camp would be a tremendous help for us logistically, financially etc., but the decision is 100% yours and deciding on a refund is also most welcome. Please message our friendly manager Vara on customerservice@bjjglobetrotters.com once you’ve decided and we’ll sort you out as quickly as we can get through the many emails. Using your ticket for another camp is of course only possible as long as there are still tickets available for it.”

The Globetrotters are far from the only BJJ organization who have taken measures to prevent the coronavirus from spreading within the jiu-jitsu community and beyond. The IBJJF recently canceled multiple tournaments, including Pans, and the UAEJJF has postponed upcoming events including the World Pro.


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