3CG Kumite 7 Results: Ana Carolina Vieira Defeats Luiza Monteiro To Take Home $10,000

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3rd Coast Grappling’s Kumite series went out with a bang.

3CG: Kumite VII saw plenty of submissions and highly technical jiu-jitsu from the tournament competitors and superfight athletes alike, and in the end, Ana Carolina Vieira cemented her position as the Queen of the Kumite.


Nathiely de Jesus vs. Luiza Monteiro

De Jesus started the action by pulling guard and establishing grips. She then came up, but then the position reversed once again, and the exchange earned each competitor two points. De Jesus came up again, earning another two points. Monteiro moved into single-leg X and was eventually able to get the sweep and come up for another two points to tie up the score once again. The battle of sweeps continued, with de Jesus coming up again and Monteiro managing to swiftly reverse the position once more. As de Jesus worked from beneath her opponent, Monteiro managed to secure a toehold, which de Jesus defended. However, Monteiro then switched to a kneebar and extended the leg, and although de Jesus tried to defend until the clock ran out, she was forced to tap out within the last thirty seconds of regulation. Monteiro then moved on to the finals.

Ana Carolina Vieira vs. Nathalie Ribeiro

Ribeiro started the action by pulling guard and working her lasso and spider guards. Vieira worked past her opponent’s grips and put heavy pressure on to try to pass Ribeiro’s open guard. Ribeiro managed to recover her lasso-spider guard, but Vieira kept up the pressure. Still, she was unable to pass Ribeiro’s guard, and she made a slick attempt to pass once more in the last thirty seconds of regulation. With no points on the board, the judges awarded Vieira the position choice as the matched moved into overtime.

Vieira chose to start with Ribeiro in her closed guard, and within the first minute, she brought the match to the feet while keeping one of Ribeiro’s legs trapped. Vieira worked hard for a takedown and very nearly got the points she needed to immediately win the Golden Score overtime, but wasn’t able to keep Ribeiro down and controlled long enough to score the points. Vieira then went for an armbar and again seemed to nearly have Ribeiro, but Ribeiro managed to survive and force Vieira back to closed guard. As the match wound down, Vieira attempted to sweep her opponent while Ribeiro made a last-ditch attempt. Neither competitor was able to get the points before time ran out, though, and Vieira took the unanimous decision to move on to the finals.

Main Event Superfight

Gustavo Batista vs. Vinicius Ferreira

Batista pulled guard and immediately threw on an armbar, which Ferreira defended. Ferreira tried to get to Batista’s back, ultimately ending up in 50/50 with Batista standing up. Batista pressured forward and forced Ferreira to into quarter-guard, managing to pass to side control with just under three minutes left. Batista stayed active, moving from side to side atop his opponent for the remainder of regulation, throwing in a quick choke attempt using Ferreira’s lapel, but not finishing it. Regulation finished with Batista in Ferreira’s quarter-guard.

Batista, ahead on points 8-0, chose the starting position in Golden Score overtime. He started inside Ferreira’s closed guard, quickly breaking it and moving to pass, but Ferreira defended well and looked for a sweep. Despite heavy pressure from Batista, Ferreira managed to work his way to his feet. Batista shot unsuccessfully for a takedown, then pulled guard, eventually working his way into 50/50. Neither competitor was able to get the points they needed to finish the match, and Batista was awarded the unanimous decision to win the match.


Luiza Monteiro vs. Ana Carolina Vieira

Monteiro kicked off the action with a guard pull, working for sleeve and lapel grips while Vieira looked for passing opportunities. Monteiro secured a pant grip and worked her lasso guard, trying to sweep her opponent while Vieira tried to pass. Vieira secured a grip on the back of the pants and put the pressure on, eventually sprawling atop Monteiro’s back. Monteiro managed to get out, though, and the two ended up back on their feet. Though both competitors tried to establish grips and threaten shots for a takedown, regulation concluded without any points on the board.

The overtime position choice went to Vieira, who chose to keep the match on the feet. Monteiro pulled guard and once again established her grips, and Vieira moved quickly to try to pass the guard and nearly succeeded, with Monteiro narrowly managing to recover her guard. Monteiro then went back to playing spider guard and trying to sweep, with Vieira keeping a grip on the back of her opponent’s pants and keeping the pressure down. In the last seconds of the match, Vieira made a straight ankle lock attempt, and time ran out before she could work to finish it. The decision went to Vieira, and she became the Kumite VII champion and the winner of the $10,000 grand prize.


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