3rd Coast Grappling Kumite 5 Full Results: Roberto Jimenez Defeats Tye Ruotolo In OT

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Roberto Jimenez has taken home his second 3rd Coast Grappling: Kumite victory following an action-packed rematch against Tye Ruotolo that led to a somewhat controversial end.


Kade Ruotolo vs. Roberto Jimenez

The match between Roberto Jimenez and Kade Ruotolo was a relatively quick one, propelling Jimenez to the finals. Ruotolo began the match by pulling guard, and Jimenez nearly managed to pressure his way past, but Ruotolo recovered his guard and closed it up. Jimenez got past the guard and found Ruotolo’s back, trapping his arm and securing a body triangle as he worked his arm in for a rear naked choke. Though it looked for a moment like Ruotolo might escape, Jimenez adjusted himself even with Ruotolo belly down, and Ruotolo quickly tapped.

Tye Ruotolo vs. Renato Canuto

2019 ADCC competitors Tye Ruotolo and Renato Canuto went head-to-head in a semifinals match that was everything you’d hope for from two exciting competitors. Canuto nearly set up a throw over the shoulder, but Ruotolo defended and was nearly able to take the back from the attempt before they rolled out of bounds and were reset in a similar position. Canuto then prevented Ruotolo from getting his hooks in and escaped, and the fight returned to the feet. Canuto attempted a double-leg takedown, which Ruotolo defended before trying for a takedown of his own, taking the match out of bounds again. Another takedown attempt from Canuto looked like it was going to earn him the first points on the board, but the two went out of bounds again. A nice inside trip from Ruotolo got Canuto to the ground, resulting in a scramble that saw Canuto jump to his feet. Canuto scooped up a single-leg, and Ruotolo countered by hurrying to his back, and the competitors tumbled out of bounds yet again with about twenty seconds to go.

As the match moved into overtime, the judges gave Ruotolo the first choice of position, and he decided to work from inside Canuto’s closed guard. As Ruotolo stood up, Canuto managed to work his way out the back from between Ruotolo’s legs, and Ruotolo took the opportunity to attempt to take his opponent’s back. This led to an intense scramble that saw Canuto nearly get points on Ruotolo with a guard pass and back take, but Ruotolo defended from all attacks, and after going out of bounds again, they were returned to the center in a neutral position. As the clock wound down, Canuto attempted one more takedown, which Ruotolo defended against, and the judges awarded Ruotolo the split decision victory.


Roberto Jimenez vs. Tye Ruotolo

In the finals, Roberto Jimenez faced off against Tye Ruotolo in what was a rematch — Jimenez previously defeated Tye in their first-round match at 3CG: Kumite III.

Jimenez brought the match to the ground with a guard pull, and Ruotolo stood up to try to break it. Jimenez hooked the legs and tried to sweep Ruotolo, finally bringing him down before the two rolled out of bounds. The competitors were reset neutrally in the center, then Ruotolo went for a single-leg, which Jimenez countered with a takedown of his own. The two were reset again after the takedown attempt took them out of bounds. Jimenez went for another takedown, but ended up bringing the match to the ground with Ruotolo secured in his closed guard. Jimenez then opened his guard and worked his way underneath Ruotolo, but Ruotolo was able to defend and maintain his position until regulation ran out.

The competitors started out overtime in a neutral standing position, and Jimenez quickly went for a takedown twice in the first twenty seconds of OT. Ruotolo, however, was able to defend before the competitors spun out of bounds. With just under 3:30 left, Jimenez was able to get the takedown, and though Ruotolo escaped quickly, Jimenez was awarded the points, ending the match and becoming the winner of his second 3CG: Kumite event.

– First RoundSubmission/Points
Roberto Jimenez Submits Hugo MarquesRear Naked Choke
Kade Ruotolo defeats Vitor OliveiraDecision 
Renato Canuto defeats Johnny TamaDecision 
Tye Ruotolo defeats Oliver Taza2-0 Points (OT)
– Semi Finals
Roberto Jimenez Submits Kade RuotoloRear Naked Choke
Tye Ruotolo defeats Renato CanutoDecision 
Roberto Jimenez defeats Tye RuotoloGolden Score (OT)


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