3rd Coast Grappling Kumite 6 Full Results: Victor Hugo Submits Roberto Jimenez In The Finals

3rd Coast Grappling: Kumite VI was another action-packed night of matches, with many 3CG Kumite veterans stepping up to compete in the gi for the promotion’s Absolute tournament. In the end, two former champions faced off in a nonstop match that led to Victor Hugo once again taking home the big win and $10,000.


Fellipe Andrew vs. Victor Hugo

The first semifinal match of the evening saw Fellipe Andrew face off against Victor Hugo. Andrew pulled guard, and Hugo dropped to the mat to meet him in a loose leg entanglement, and though both competitors tried to work with pant leg grips, the referee called them for stalling. Hugo came up on top, but Andrew reversed the position and got points for a sweep. Hugo then came up, and Andrew worked to isolate a leg, eventually working himself into a 50/50 position. Hugo came back up and maintained his base, then secured an arm and started working for an armbar on Andrew. Andrew managed to survive the armbar, but the effort was enough to get Hugo out of 50/50 and give him the opportunity to pass as Andrew inverted. Hugo then went belly-down for a footlock, which Andrew defended. The remainder of regulation was spent with Hugo trying to pass Andrew’s guard, though he was unsuccessful.

In “golden score” overtime, Andrew started off in Hugo’s closed guard. Hugo nearly managed a sweep to win the match, but Andrew maintained his base and prevented it. The struggle continued for most of overtime, and in the last twenty seconds, Hugo attempted an omoplata, and Andrew made a last-ditch effort to pass, but neither was able to score points or a submission before time ran out. The judges awarded Hugo the unanimous decision, and he moved on to the finals.

Roberto Jimenez vs. Gabriel Almeida

Roberto Jimenez’s next step to the finals was a speedy one as he faced off against Gabriel Almeida. Almeida started the action quickly, immediately pulling guard and trying to isolate a leg. Jimenez countered fast, securing a footlock at the same time as Almeida. Though both competitors had the submission on, Jimenez was able to go belly-down, and Almeida tapped with about 6:17 left in regulation. Jimenez once again moved on to the finals.

Main Event Superfight

Osvaldo “Queixinho” Moizinho vs. Johnny Tama

Osvaldo “Queixinho” Moizinho competed for the second time in two nights, having fought in the main event of F2W 151 the previous evening. This time, he faced off against 3CG veteran Johnny Tama in the main event superfight of the night.

Queixinho pulled guard and worked into a lasso guard, working into an omoplata. Tama managed to get out of the omoplata and worked to pass his opponent’s lasso guard. Both competitors were called for stalling, and Tama disengaged from Queixinho’s guard. With about a minute left in regulation, Queixinho continued to work his grips and lasso guard and Tama continued to try to pass, though neither was able to score points before time ran out.

Overtime saw Tama trying to break out of Queixinho’s closed guard while Queixinho worked for a sweep. Queixinho attempted a triangle, but Tama stopped it before it could be a threat, using the opening of the guard as an opportunity to try to pass. Still, Queixinho managed to retain guard, eventually working a leg in for 50/50 before Tama managed to escape the position. Queixinho closed up his guard again with about a minute left in overtime. With just seconds to go, Queixinho went for a lapeloplata sweep, looking for a moment like he might get it to score the points to win, but Tama still managed to stay up, and the match went to the judges’ decision. The victory ultimately went to Queixinho.


Victor Hugo vs. Roberto Jimenez

Jimenez immediately launched himself forward to pull Hugo into closed guard, isolating a leg and briefly attempting a kneebar before trying to come up and get the sweep. Hugo attempted a guillotine, but Jimenez popped his head out and found himself in Hugo’s closed guard. Jimenez stood up, and Hugo isolated a leg and then went for an armbar. Jimenez used the escape as an opportunity to try to pass the guard, and then the two ended up in a mutual leg lock position. Jimenez was aggressive in his toehold attempt, and Hugo defended and searched for a footlock himself. Though they stayed in a 50/50 stalemate for a minute or so, Hugo managed to secure a toehold, and Jimenez tapped out to give Hugo the victory and $10,000. This was Hugo’s second 3CG Kumite victory — he previously brought home the win at 3CG Kumite II against Fellipe Andrew.

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Super FightsSubmission/Points
Jaylon Powell defeats Jerry Dearmond12 Points (Tech Fall)
Jay Spiegel defeats Ishiah Malik CarsonRef Decision
Douglas Hernandez defeats Brett Nicholas11 Points (Tech Fall)
Omar Hillail defeats Erik WrightPoints On Overtime
Abel Salazar defeats Isaac Vasquez12 Points (Tech Fall)
Casidy Welch Submits Shannon O’SheaTriangle Armbar
Leticia Cardoza defeats Teara Lewis Ref Decision
Cristian Guzman Submits Ben LealHeel Hook
Jessica Crane defeats Kristin Kotinek12 Points (Tech Fall)
Andy Cardova defeats Sergei Zack EdwardsPoints On Overtime
Brandon Gambucci Submits Curry GautD’arce Choke
Jordan Vaisman defeats Orin Nova11 Points (Tech Fall)
Osvaldo Augusto Moizinho defeats Johnny TamaRef Decision
3CG Kumite Results – Quarter FinalsSubmission/Points
Victor Hugo Submits Arnaldo MaidanaEzekiel Choke
Felipe Andrew Submits Arian De MeloArm Triangle Choke
Gabriel Almeida defeats Fellipe TrovoPoints On Overtime
Roberto Jimenez vs Guilherme AugustoBow And Arrow Choke
– Semi Finals
Victor Hugo defeats Felipe AndrewRef Decision
Roberto Jimenez Submits Gabriel AlmeidaFoot Lock
Victor Hugo Submits Roberto JimenezToe Hold


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