49-Year-Old Titan FC COO Lex McMahon Wins MMA Debut With Rear Naked Choke

Most people don’t have their first MMA fight at age 49, but Lex McMahon made it clear on Saturday that he’s not “most people.”

McMahon, who’s the COO at Titan FC, made his MMA debut against 37-year-old Justin Thornton (6-15) at Force 4 in the Dominican Republic. The fight didn’t take long, and both McMahon and Thornton weren’t afraid to come out swinging.

Once Thornton was on the ground, McMahon got to the back and locked in a rear naked choke, putting his opponent to sleep and winning the fight.

McMahon later donated his fight purse to AHERO, which describes its mission as “[connecting] Veterans through outdoor activities as a means to recover from their physical wounds and psychological trauma to reintegrate with American life.”

According to MMA Junkie, back in September when the fight was first announced, McMahon described his reasoning for jumping into the cage: “For twelve years, I’ve been asking these fighters to go in and fight so I can make money and my partner can make money. … It feels a bit inauthentic and disingenuous to not have done this. All these feelings, all these emotions, hard work, pain and suffering, I’m gonna go through it.”


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