6-Year-Old With Leukemia Will Go Backstage With Cyborg After Winning Contest

Photo/Instagram: @criscyborg

Anyone who has been following Cris Cyborg’s social media accounts in the last few days must know that she has been promoting a fan’s contest. The terms of the competition were that the winner will be participating in the fights, get a special backstage experience and would also have the golden chance of meeting Cyborg and other reputable stars.

Ashlynn, a six-year-old kid who has been battling with leukemia, happened to be one of the contest participants. She was crowned the winner of the fight despite her condition.¬†Ashlynn’s mum is seen on a video¬†explaining that her kid has been battling leukemia for a while now.

The video from Ashlynn’s mum caught many people’s attention especially the MMA Community’s members, and it also got a response from Cyborg. She was then crowned as the winner of Cyborg’s fans contest, and she will be participating in the fight.

She will have a special opportunity to go backstage with Cyborg in the battle where Cris will fight Tony Evinger for the vacant UFC women’s featherweight title which is one among the three UFC 214 bill’s title fights. Ashlynn will have the opportunity to appear on the UFC 214 broadcast. The second fight will be between Tyon Woodley and Demian Maia while the third match’s participants will be Daniel Cormier take against Jon Jones.


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