806 Jiu-Jitsu Players will compete at The Abu Dhabi Grand Slam in London, UK on 18 March

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The Winners at the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam in London will win a combined total of $100,000 in Cash Prizes

London, UK, 14th March 2017:  The fifth and final leg of the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam in London is shaping up to be one of UAE Jiu-Jitsu Federation’s best event of the season, in the most prestigious and highest paid jiu-jitsu world tour, with 806 players registered to compete at the Excel London Arena, on Saturday 18th March.

The registrations have been closed and the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam aims to provide the star studded line up of the worlds best jiu-jitsu players a competitive environment and platform in London to achieve their sporting excellence.

Top black belt players confirmed include: Alexandre Ribeiro, Ana Srour, Claire-France Thevenon, Mayra Abrahao, Faisal Al Ketbi, Cornelia Rossier, Gabriel Regnier, Alexander Bayer, Stephanie Hennequin, Mieszko Maciejewski, Tiago Bravo, Konstantinos Nicolopoulos, Lucio Santos, Ricardo Oliveira, Jackson Santos, Craig Ewers and more.

The Abu Dhabi Grand Slam in London will begin at 10:00am until 19:00pm (UK standard time). The pre-date weigh-in will take place from 17:00pm to 19:00pm at Excel London Arena; the on-date early weigh-in will take place on the day of the event from 8:30am to 9:30am.

Abu Dhabi Grand Slam | London, will be broadcasted live on Abu Dhabi Sports TV in the UAE & MENA region. Other broadcast partners include: Canal Combate, FloGrappling, LeSports China, Dubai Sports TV, Fight Network, Abema TV, City 7 Dubai, Sharjah Sports TV and TNN Tunisia.

British players are leading the way with 195 players in London, with Brazil coming in next with 119 players, followed by United Arab Emirates with 78 players. 

Facts on Abu Dhabi Grand Slam | London

  • Total number of players: 806
  • Total number of nationalities: 59
  • Total number of male players: 697
  • Total number of female players: 109
  • Total number of black belt players: 131 
  • Nationalities List
  • UK: 195
  • Brazil: 119
  • UAE: 78
  • Poland: 60
  • France: 55
  • Portugal: 49
  • Spain: 35
  • Italy: 21
  • Sweden: 18
  • Belgium: 14
  • Norway: 10 
  • In addition to Switzerland, USA, Croatia, Ireland, Algeria, Austria, Angola, Lithuania,, Canada, Bahrain, Japan, Korea, Chile and more

Number of players by belts

  • Black: 131
  • Brown 107
  • Blue: 249
  • Purple: 149
  • White: 170 

Top Black Belt Male Players

  • 62kg: Michael Woolf Barnato, Hiago George Silva, Erno Andreas Elgland
  • 69kg: Maxmiliano Campos, Isaque Paiva, Victor Moraes.
  • 77kg: Tiago Bravo, Melksedec Franco, Marco Queiroz, Yan Almeida.
  • 85kg: Faisal Al Ketbi, Vinicius Da Fernandes, Igor Araujo, Raimundo Sousa
  • 94kg: Alexandre Ribeiro, Alexander Bayer, Jackson Santos, Valdir Araujo.
  • 110kg: Gabriel Arges Sousa, Antonio Henriques Junior, Henirque Pereira.

Top Brown/Black Belt Female Players

  • 55kg: Mayra Abrahao, Vanessa English
  • 62kg: Luiza Monteiro Costa, Cornelia Rossier, Maria Asensi
  • 70kg: Cintia Camargo, Ana Carolina Srour, Laila Berger Carneiro
  • 90kg: Birgit Schuette, Claire-France Thevenon, Jessica Medeiros Silva

Fight media credentials can be picked up on the day of event, Saturday, 18th March from 9am at the Excel London Arena. Proper personal photo ID is required for credential pick-up. 

  • Rules Meeting: Friday 17th March [18:00PM to 19:30PM]
  • Venue: Excel London Arena
  • Weigh-ins: Friday 17th March [17:00pm to 19:00pm], Saturday 18th March [8:30am to 9:30am]
  • Venue: Excel London Arena
  • Main Event: Gi – Saturday 18th March [9:00am to 19:00pm]
  • Venue: Excel London Arena


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