88 KG ADCC Results — Gordon Ryan Defeats Dillon Danis, Craig Jones Defeats Leandro Lo In First Round

Photo Source: Gordon Ryan/ Instagram

The 88-kg division of ADCC Worlds kicked off with a highly anticipated match between rivals Gordon Ryan and Dillon Danis, plus a surprising first-round loss by Leandro Lo.

Ryan and Danis’ match went into overtime, and Ryan was given the decision after taking his opponent’s back even though he didn’t manage to get hooks in.

Lo was defeated with a rear naked choke by Asia and Oceania Trials winner Craig Jones, shocking many people who expected Lo to make it further into the bracket.

Here are the full results:

Keenan Cornelius defeats Piotr Marcin Frechowicz via points

Kaynan Duarte defeats Pablo Popovitch via guillotine

Craig Jones defeats Leandro Lo via rear naked choke

Xande Ribeiro defeats John Salter via armbar

Murilo Santana defeats James Brasco via points

Rustam Chsiev defeats Jesse Urholin via decision

Romulo Barrall defeats Kit Dale via choke

Gordon Ryan defeats Dillon Danis via decision




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