Daycare Worker Woman Employs Her Martial Arts Expertise To Save An Abducted Child

Chelsi Sabbe

Recently globalnews reported, a daycare worker earned praise for her heroics in halting an alleged child abduction. According to the woman, a Prince George resident, she fought off a man that had tried to kidnap kids from a playground.

A caregiver at Tiny Treasure Daycare, Chelsi Sabbe, said the kidnapper approached two children at the playground around 10.30 a.m last Tuesday.

Chelsi grabbed a boy (4years) and started running. She pursued the abductor, jumped on his back, and chocked him to the point of falling to the ground. By doing that, the boy was able to escape.

After that, the man then took hold of another boy (5 years).

Sabbe the man on the throat and from underneath him, knocked his feet out. ”I then grabbed the 5 year old and put him at the play center as I jumped on top too,” said the woman.

According to Chelsi, the man tried to abduct more children but he didn’t manage. Clearly, the brave woman struggled so much to save the children from the kidnapper.

Sabbe has undergone training in mixed martial arts. She suffered bruises on her neck and arm coupled with swollen hands from the punches the man threw.

The kidnapper, Kenneth Jim John, was arrested later on and charged with one count of obstructing an officer, one count of assault and two counts of kidnapping.


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