ACB JJ 8 Results: Paulo Miyao Dominates Kim Terra Via Points To Become ACB JJ Lightweight Champion Of The World

ACB JJ 8 Results
ACB JJ 8 Results

Paulo Miyao is the new ACB JJ 8 Lightweight Champion Of The World!

ACB JJ 8 Results

Paulo took on Kim Terra in the lightweight finals of ACB JJ 8.

Kim sat to guard and went for a De La Riva footlock. Paulo tried to scramble out, but Terra held on. Miyao got out and then went to trying to pass Kim’s open guard. He tried to go to the back, but Kim got out. Terra was up by two. Paulo played some nasty guard, never letting go of his opponent, but he couldn’t sweep Kim. Miyao got the back, though, and ended the round 6-2.

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The other four rounds told a similar tale. Paulo Miyao racked up points using his tight guard and passing skills. By round 4, Paulo seemed to take it easy, knowing that he was going to win unless he got submitted.

Kim Terra came back in the fifth round, winning 6-2, but it was too little too late. By the end of the fight, it was clear to everyone (including Paulo, who didn’t seem excited at all because he had won so many tournaments) that the Miyao brother was the new champ!

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