ADCC 2024 Slated for Return to FloGrappling

Image Source: Kyu Lee/ Fight 2 Win

FloGrappling has regained streaming rights to what has previously been one of the platform’s hottest events: the ADCC World Championship, fondly referred to as a the Olympics of submission grappling, per a breaking news press release on the platform’s official website.

The news came as a shock to many members of the submission grappling fanbase, particularly in light of a previous announcement this January that ADCC had signed a two-year streaming deal with UFC FightPass.

“The rise of grappling has been monumental, and our team is excited to partner with the FloSports team to spotlight the biggest grappling athletes in the world,” Mo Jassim, ADCC’s man behind the curtains, said of the decision, according to the FloGrappling press release. “We have so much to look forward to with the goal to continue delivering the global grappling community with the best event production and coverage, and we’re only getting started.”


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