ADCC East Coast Trials Postponed Due To International Travel Restrictions

Image Source: Kyu Lee/ Fight 2 Win

Anyone hoping to qualify for the next ADCC World Championship via the North American Trials will have a bit more time to prepare.

ADCC host Mo Jassim has announced that the East Coast trials, originally set to be held on November 7 and 8 in New Jersey, have been postponed “two to four months” due to COVID-19-related international travel restrictions that would prevent crucial judges and referees from flying in from Europe and Dubai.

Due to the high stakes involved in the Trials, the judges and referees must be properly trained and qualified to work the events.

ADCC put out an official announcement about the development on social media:

“ATTENTION. Due to travel bans coming in from Europe and Dubai, the ADCC trials November 7th and 8th must be postponed. The ADCC refs and judges must fly in and bans were supposed to be lifted by now to the United States. Unfortunately they aren’t and there is no telling when they are. What we do know for sure is they will most likely be delayed for 2 to 4 months, but will 100% be held in the same location. You have 2 options,
1. keep your registration that you paid for when we reschedule.
2. You can get a refund. Email for a refund.
3. If you want credit to the next trials and you paid you don’t need to email, your registration is already saved.
Sorry for the inconvenience, this is out of our control.”

In follow-up posts, Jassim asserted that due to the complexity of the ADCC ruleset, there was only one judge in the United States that he trusts. He also reiterated that hosting the Trials in a different U.S. state (such as one with looser restrictions) would not make a difference, as the difficulties stem from international travel restrictions.

The Jiu-Jitsu Times will provide updates on the ADCC Trials as they become available.


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