The Final 4 Of Each Bracket At ADCC Worlds 2017 Finland

ADCC Worlds 2017 Finland ADCC Results
ADCC Worlds 2017 Finland

The ADCC Worlds 2017 in Finland kicked off with a bang! There were huge matches and huge upsets. Elvira Karppinen defeated one of the biggest names in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Mackenzie Dern, and 16-year-old Nicky Ryan made history as the youngest grappler to have ever competed in the Worlds.  Ryan’s older brother, Gordon, also put on a stunning performance by choking out BJJ legend, Romulo Barral, and Xande Ribeiro armbarred both John Salter and Rustan Chsiev.

Here are the complete results of the event. The second day of the Worlds is only hours away, and the Jiu-Jitsu Times will once again be updating BJJ fans all over the world with the results.


[player_details 70592]


  1. Rubens Charles defeats Uranov Zhakshylyk via points
  2. Rubens Charles Submits Kuba Witkowski via armbar

[player_details 70603]


  1. Paulo Miyao defeats Janusz Andrejczuk via points
  2. Paulo Miao Defeats Geovanny Martinez via points 8-2

[player_details 70607]



  1. Pablo Mantovani defeats Erno Elgland via points
  2. Pablo Mantovani Defeats Augusto “Tanquinho” Mendes via referee decision

[player_details 70612]



  1. AJ Agazarm defeats Nicky Ryan via points
  2. Aj Agazarm Defeats Ethan Crelinsten via 2 points



[player_details 70620]



  1. Lucas Lepri defeats Osmanzhan Kassimov via rear naked choke
  2. Lucas Lepri Defeats Mansher Khera via 1 negative point

[player_details 70624]



  1. Vagner Rocha defeats Tero Pyylampi via points
  2. Vagner Rocha Defeats Dj Jackson via 1 negative point

[player_details 70628]



  1. JT Torres defeats Lachlan Giles via points
  2. Jt Torres Defeats Celso Vinicius by referee decision

[player_details 70631]



  1. Garry Tonon defeats Felipe Cesar via points
  2. Garry Tonon Defeats Marcelo Mafra via 1 negative points



[player_details 70635]



  1. Keenan Cornelius defeats Piotr Marcin Frechowicz via points
  2. Keenan Cornelius Submits Kayan Duarte via heel hook

[player_details 70638]



  1. Craig Jones defeats Leandro Lo via rear naked choke
  2. Craig Jones Submits Murilo Santana via flying triangle

[player_details 70644]



  1. Xande Ribeiro defeats John Salter via armbar
  2. Xande Ribeiro Submits Rustam Chsiev via armbar

[player_details 70647]



  1. Gordon Ryan defeats Dillon Danis via decision
  2. Gordon Ryan Submits Romulo Barral via rear naked choke



[player_details 70650]



  1. Felipe Pena defeats Yukiyasu Ozawa via armbar
  2. Felipe Pena Defeats defeats Abdurakhman Bilarov via 5 points

[player_details 70654]



  1. Rafael Lovato Jr. defeats Eliot Kelly via points
  2. Rafael Lovato Defeats Mahamed Aly via 3 points

[player_details 70660]



  1. Yuri Simoes defeats Roman Dolidze via points
  2. Yuri Simoes Defeats Mike Perez via Ref Dec

[player_details 70666]


  1. Jackson Sousa defeats Paul Ardila via negative
  2. Jackson Sousa Defeats Joao Assis via Ref Dec



[player_details 70669]



  1. Orlando Sanchez defeats Hideki Sekine via points
  2. Orlando Sanchez Defeats Tom Deblass via referee decision

[player_details 70707]



  1. Jared Dopp defeats Abdulaev Ruslan via mounted triangle armbar
  2. Jared Dopp Defeats Vinny Magalhaes via 3 points

[player_details 70672]



  1. Marcus Almeida defeats Arman Zhanpeisov via choke
  2. Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida Submits Tim Spriggs via rear naked choke

[player_details 70676]



  1. Roberto Abreu defeats Khamzat Stambulov via negative
  2. Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu defeats Victor Honório via referee decision


Women’s 66kg

[player_details 70681]



Elvira Karppinen defeats Mackenzie Dern via points

[player_details 70684]



Beatriz Mesquita defeats Ffion Davis via armbar

[player_details 70686]



Michelle Nicolini defeats Rikako Yuasa via decision

[player_details 70690]



Bianca Basilio defeats Talita Alencar via decision


[player_details 70694]



Gabi Garcia defeats Amanda Santana via toe hold

[player_details 70696]



Jessica da Silva Oliveira defeats Marysia Malyjasiak via armbar

[player_details 70700]



Talita Nogueira defeats Venla Luukkonen via decision

[player_details 70703]



Samantha Cook defeats Tara White via points


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