ADCC’s Youngest Champion Rafael Mendes Inducted Into Hall Of Fame

Rafael Mendes has officially joined the ranks of the ADCC Hall of Fame.

Mendes is a 2x ADCC champion with over a 54% submission rate. He earned gold in 2009 at just 19-years old, marking him as the youngest ADCC champion in history. Rafa is a black belt under Ramon Lemos and is the co-founder of California’s Art of Jiu-Jitsu Academy.

The announcement comes via an Instagram post on ADCC’s page, 

“ADCC Hall of Fame: 2X champion Rafael Mendes. Rafa burst onto ADCC in his 2009 debut, subbing everyone up to the finals where he would beat the legendary Cobrinha. Rafa is the youngest champion in ADCC history, winning gold at only 19 years of age. Rafa also has over a 54% submission rate in ADCC.”


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