Adult Female Black Belt Results From The 2020 IBJJF Pan Championship

The 2020 IBJJF Pan Championship has concluded, and we have our winners for the event. Despite the pandemic, there was a solid turnout for this year’s competition, with many of jiu-jitsu’s biggest names taking to the mats to claim Pans gold. Yesterday, Luiza Monteiro and Rafaela Guedes decided to close out the open weight division after making it to the finals, and today, we got to see who would win their individual weight class.

Here are your female champions in the adult black belt division:

Light Featherweight

1st – Mayssa Bastos
Bastos was already ahead by two points when she scrambled to secure a choke on Pati Fontes, patiently adjusting it until she managed to free her leg from Fontes’ guard, transition to mount, and get the tap for the title.
2nd – Pati Fontes
3rd – Ann Kneib


1st – Gabrielle McComb
McComb kept Alequin in her guard for the majority of the match, and although she didn’t finish any submissions to win the match early, she was enough of a threat to earn a couple advantages and take home gold.
2nd – Amanda “Tubby” Alequin
3rd – Lyanne Perez


1st – Luiza Monteiro
Monteiro and Ribeiro had a nail-biter of a match. Monteiro broke their 2-2 tie with a guard pass, then Ribeiro got a sweep to make the score 5-4 in Monteiro’s favor. A scramble in the very last seconds of the match left Monteiro fighting for the lead, with Ribeiro coming close to getting a back take or guard pass, but Monteiro stayed safe long enough to secure the win.
2nd – Nathalie Ribeiro
3rd – Natasha Quiza


1st – Rafaela Guedes
Guedes and North had a close match, but in the last twenty seconds, Guedes pulled out the extra advantage point she needed to avoid leaving the decision up to the judges.
2nd – Claire North
3rd – Brenda Oliveira


1st – Andressa Cintra
Neither athlete was able to get solid points on the board during this hard-fought match, but Cintra was on the hunt for superior positions and submissions the entire time. In the end, she’d earned four advantages to Malyjasiak’s zero, staying tightly cinched to her back as time ran out to secure her place at the top of the podium.
2nd – Maria Malyjasiak
3rd – Emily Silva


1st – Kendall Reusing
Reusing closed out the division with her teammate Jessica Flowers.
2nd – Jessica Flowers
3rd – Michelle Welti

Open Weight


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