After 2 Years Away, Garry Tonon Teases A Return To Competitive Grappling

Image Source: Garry Tonon via Instagram

ONE Championship fighter and five-time EBI champion Garry Tonon has strongly suggested that we may see him return to the mats in the near future.

Right now, there isn’t much we can tell you aside from what Tonon has already shared on Twitter, but nevertheless, here’s what he’s said:

“I predict I’ll be competing in grappling sometime soon.”

The Jiu-Jitsu Times has reached out to Tonon to see if he’d like to reveal anything else about his “prediction” and haven’t received a response yet, but we’ll update this post if we get any more details.

Although he’s established himself as one of the best submission grapplers of his generation, Tonon hasn’t competed in BJJ since Kasai in 2017. Instead, he’s been focusing on his promising MMA career with ONE. The fighter is currently 5-0, having finished all of his fights via submission or TKO.


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