AJ Agazarm Submits Adel Altamini At Bellator 238

The Florida Boy comes out banged up, but a victor nonetheless

AJ Agazarm secured his third professional MMA win earlier tonight against dual Karate/BJJ black belt Adel Altamini in the prelims of Bellator 238. The BJJ export saw himself truly tested on the feet, Altamini almost securing victory at several stages of the bout.

Round one began with a few easily defended take down attempts from AJ as Altamini focused on absolutely tenderizing the newer fighter. A caught kick gave Altamini an opening to drop AJ with a left a minute into the round, but chose to let the grappler stand back up.

Another takedown attempt from AJ was met with a heavy kick to the body, forcing him against the cage. AJ spent the next few seconds fleeing from Altamini, collecting himself for another exchange. The round played out with another failed take down attempt from AJ and a few nice body shots from Altamini.

AJ seemed to be making some progress early in round two, scoring a left and avoiding more of Altamini’s strikes. But a left from Altamini sent AJ to the ground two minutes in, completely changing the tempo.

Altamini was able to crack AJ with a few hammerfists before he stood back up. Altamini continued to explode, forcing AJ back under the volume of strikes. Sprawling to defend a single leg, Altamini continued to use hammerfists until AJ stood up ye again.

This time capitalizing on Altamini’s forward aggression, AJ hit a perfectly timed double leg into closed guard. But hot damn, Altamini actually locked in an armbar! For a second it looks like AJ is going to get submitted and that would have been insane. However, AJ remained calm and peeled Altamini’s legs off to escape the lock as he rolled into half guard.

Locking in the kimura from the top, AJ fell as Altamini rolled to defend the submission. AJ retained top control as Altamini remained belly down, defending his right arm. Keeping his grips, AJ transitions to back mount with just over a minute left on the clock. AJ ends the round reining down strikes and nearly getting an RNC before the buzzer sounds.

Round three goes to the ground much quicker, as Altamini shoots for a single not even 30 seconds after the start. AJ defends by dropping down and collecting the kimura once again. Peppering Altamini with strikes as he controls the arm with one hand, AJ then transitions to the armbar. Threading his legs as Altamini defends, AJ transitions once more to a triangle to finally get the tap.

This brings AJ to a 3-1 record and Altamini at 8-7.


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