Alesha Zappitella Claims Atomweight Title With 1st Von Flue Choke Finish In Invicta History

The main event of Invicta FC 42 ended up making history as BJJ purple belt Alesha Zappitella finished off her opponent in the fourth round with a stealthy submission.

The main event was a match for the then-vacant atomweight title between Zappitella and Ashley Cummins. In the fourth round, Cummins put Zappitella in a guillotine, but Zappitella countered with a Von Flue choke, tapping out her opponent and earning the title of Invicta atomweight champion.

Incidentally, Zappitella was also the first Invicta fighter in history to finish a fight with a Von Flue choke.

You can watch the submission below:


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