Alexander Gustafsson KO’s Glover Teixeira In Fifth Round, Proposes To Girlfriend

Alexander Gustafsson

Alexander Gustafsson and Glover Teixeira went to war in Stockholm for UFC Fight Night 109.

The two men — who stand just under Daniel Cormier on the UFC’s light heavyweight mountain — put on five rounds worth of brutality for their Nordic fans.

Gustafsson utilized his superior reach and speed to keep Teixeira at bay, all the while bloodying him with huge uppercuts, straight punches, and even spinning elbows.  When Teixeira charged in with punches, Alexander sprinted away.

Gus dominated the fight, grounding his opponent on numerous occasions. But no matter what Alex threw at him, Glover just kept on coming back for more.  Even during the championship rounds, the bloodied Teixeira’s superior conditioning kept him looking like he had just stepped in the cage.

By the time of the fifth round, though, it was all over for Glover. Alexander landed yet more huge punches, and by the time Teixeira hit the floor, it was all over. The referee jumped in and ended it.

Being the good sportsman he is, Gustafsson went over to his grounded opponent to make sure he was okay.

The Swede also showed what a great boyfriend he is, going up to his girlfriend and asking her for her hand in marriage.

UFC Fight Night 109 was indeed a match made in Hell and match made in Heaven!


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