Alistair Overeem Defeats Fabricio Werdum Via Majority Decision

Alistair Overeem defeated Fabricio Werdum with an unpopular decision win.

Werdum started out with a huge flying kick that missed the mark entirely. Throughout the first round, Fabricio tried to charge in at his opponent with jabs and straight punches.

Overeem took a far less aggressive route. He kept his hands low and stood in a wide stance, looking to counter strike.

It’s hard to say whether or not the strategy worked. Though he was able to land some nice shots, Werdum out struck him.

Round 2 also started out with a Werdum flying kick. Overeem hit Werdum with a nice punch and body kick, then Werdum pulled guard. Overeem must have known he was no match for Werdum, who is three belts higher than him, because he got back up shortly after.

Alistair then hit a nice switch kick and punch, then did some strange movements. Fabricio tried to charge in and strike, but got nothing.

Fabricio ended the round with a huge spinning back kick.

Werdum pressed the action in the third, but again didn’t hit much … that is, until he hit Overeem with a huge knee. Alistair managed to get himself back up, but was obviously still wobbly. Werdum got him to the fence and slammed him to the ground with a takedown. Overeem held on for dear life as Werdum bombarded him with small punches.

Sadly for Werdum, though he ended the last round on a high note, it wasn’t enough to impress the judges, and Alistair Overeem took the match via decision.



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