Alistair Overeem Earned His Blue Belt

Alistair Overeem is an exciting MMA fighter known for his usage of the guillotine choke. He is also an excellent grappler and was labeled “the best grappler” in Europe in 2005. Overeem is a British Dutch fighter and he is signed to the UFC at present. He fights in the heavyweight division but has also fought in the light-heavyweight division in the past. He has defeated six former heavyweight champions and he is still going strong.

“Congratulations Alistair Overeem for acquiring the knowledge to become a Blue Belt at Valente Brothers. Your humility is inspiring”

Alistair Overeem is also a kick boxer. In fact, he is one of the two fighters to hold world titles in both K-1 kickboxing and MMA at the same time. In addition to his titles and achievements in the ring, he has just earned a new blue belt. With his impressive size and skills, Overeem is one of the stars of MMA. Hopefully, this new blue belt (under the Valente brothers) will spur him to work harder and record more impressive achievements in MMA and kick boxing.

Great day today! Got promoted to blue at @valentebrothers


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