Amanda Nunes Wins Via Submission, Retains Title

Adding another skull to her throne, Amanda Nunes defeated Megan Anderson in round one of their UFC 259 duel via submission. Only barely passing the two-minute mark, Nunes continues to prove to the entire planet that her reign is here to stay.

Starting patient, Nunes defended a takedown attempt from Anderson and launched for a massive right to the chin. A shaken Anderson was unprepared for further strikes as she fell, and Nunes transitioned to the ground game and took the back. Too high for an RNC, Nunes moved to a triangle to get the choke. Getting into the squeeze, Nunes collected the left arm for an armbar to get the tap from Anderson. The ref called the fight at 2:03, and the Lioness was crowned once again.

Always the saint, Nunes apologized for her absolute clearing out of the featherweight division. “It’s not my fault!” she exclaimed in a post-fight interview with Joe Rogan. A new mother with wife Nina Ansaroff, Nunes thanked her family for their support, and expressed concern and well-wishes for the people of Brazil in the face of COVID-19. Nunes record now stands at 21-4 and her win streak extends to 12.


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