An Idaho BJJ Practitioner Was Murdered By Her Partner, & Her Children Need Our Help

Photo Source: Ian Stone/ Facebook

Monday morning, Jaclyn Zabel, a 29-year-old mother of four from Idaho, was shot and killed by the father of two of her children in a murder-suicide.

The news was originally reported by the Idaho Press.

Zabel and her four children practiced jiu-jitsu at Bonners Ferry BJJ under the instruction of Sam Brown, who was described as a “coach and friend.”

The situation was described as a domestic violence incident; Zabel’s partner, Ian Stone, posted a Facebook status an hour before the murder indicating he was upset with the relationship and saying, “My heart is broke.” He then shot Zabel in the head before turning the gun on himself. Stone also practiced jiu-jitsu, and both of the deceased were deaf.

A GoFundMe has been set up to cover funeral costs and support the children in the family, who are between the ages of four and ten and will now have to grow up without their parents. We strongly encourage our readers to contribute anything they can to help ease the financial burden on this family during this tragic time.


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